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Advanced Contacts List Manager

Cloudward, Inc.

Password protected Contacts List with signup, password recovery, user profile & view only



The Contacts Manager Deluxe provides password protected management Contacts data from a Google Sheet

There are 4 basic modules. These can work together or just publish what you need for your solution. The 4 Modules:

  • Contacts Manager: Provides list of contacts that allows for editing the contacts. This page is protected and requires 'admin' rights access - in this case, a contact in your Google sheet with a role of 'admin' - Admins's can add, update and delete contacts
  • Contacts View: A view only version of the contacts list. This is the same list as the contacts Manager but only provides view access. Users must logon to view.
  • Contacts Signup: Allows for new users to signup and be added to the list
  • Contacts My Profile: Allows for users to logon and update their profile.

The Contact Manager was created with a grid style using Bootstrap. The basic list allows you to expand the contact for more detail, edit the contact information or profile.

Check out this live example

The Contacts Manager takes Google sheet and displays a responsive table. Expand on the contact and edit (new/updates/deletes disabled for demo).